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Happy Independence Day from Pain Specialty Group

Happy 4th of July from Pain Specialty Group

Our Dearest Patient,

As the warm weather approaches, we wanted to reach out and wish you a safe, happy, and healthy summer. With this warm weather comes many opportunities to get out and get active. However, it is important to keep any physical limitations in mind. 
As we enter the month of July, living healthy lifestyles and practices will allow you to participate in those fun summer activites with your friends and family.  We’re incredibly grateful you trust us, at Pain Specialty Group, with your healthcare journey and we look forward to creating more sustainable and powerful plans of care, formulated with you in mind.

On behalf of our entire office, we hope you have a wonderful Independence Day.

Dr. Ngo, Dr. Robertson, Josh Duggan PA-C, and the rest of the team at Pain Specialty Group
Aidan Fisher, Maureen Cassidy Pain Specialty Group

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