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Best Exercise Equipment for Back Pain

When experiencing back pain, it’s not unusual that the last thing one would want to get into is a workout routine. Traditional exercises like stomach workouts, weight lifting, push-ups and sit-ups are not recommended for those with chronic back pain, as these exercises tend to put unnecessary stress on your joints that could eventually lead to spinal damage. However, working out is not totally out of the question for those with back pain. There are plenty of alternative exercises, therapies, and workout machines that people experiencing back pain can get into and enjoy. 

Elliptical Trainer

The elliptical machine is typically the first choice for exercise equipment best suited for those with chronic back pain. These machines contain separate foot platforms that allow your legs to move back and forth in smooth, steady glides. Your feet remain inside the platforms as they move, so the stress that some exercises put on your joints (like running or jogging) is completely avoided. Elliptical trainers can also be used at different speeds without damaging your back, and the handles on the machines allow for proper back support. Most machines have various settings and designs, so if you are interested in purchasing an elliptical trainer, the providers at Pain Specialty Group would be happy to help you choose the best fit. 

Step Machine

A step machine is similar to an elliptical machine in that the foot platforms are the same, but instead move up and down rather than gliding back and forth. This machine is most appropriate for good, low impact exercises for those that suffer from chronic back pain. The best workout comparison for a step machine is walking up the stairs without the added pressure on your joints. Step machines also contain stationary rails on both sides, but it’s important to avoid holding onto these rails as doing so can make your back rigid and avoid potential benefits of using a step machine.

Modified Exercise Bike

A traditional exercise bike typically has the rider positioned downwards when cycling. Although this is the most common position, when your body is bent for a prolonged period of time, added stress can be put onto your spine’s lumbar curve. However, there are a variety of exercise bikes that exist to accommodate this feature and are better suited for those that suffer from back pain. An upright exercise bike is exactly how it sounds - the rider bikes in an upright, standing position. For those seeking more comfort, recumbent exercise bikes may be of your best interest. These types of exercise bikes offer more back support in a reclining position. However, some medical professionals argue that these bikes provide less cardiovascular benefit. If you are interested in finding an exercise bike most suitable for you and your pain, the providers at Pain Specialty Group would be happy to help. 

Unfortunately, chronic back pain affects millions of Americans. If you suffer from chronic back pain and are an avid exerciser, it’s important to accommodate by using the best exercise equipment for your pain. At Pain Specialty Group, we’re committed to consulting those with back pain to help get it under control. Contact us here to schedule an appointment with one of our expert providers.

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