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Three Benefits of a Pain Support Group

Chronic pain is a difficult issue for many. You wake up every day feeling less capable of doing what you need and want to do because of your body’s physical limitations. You may feel that the only person who can begin to understand your troubles is your doctor, as friends and family members may not truly grasp the extent of your suffering.   If this describes your situation, you may be the perfect candidate for a pain support group. A pain support group can have many benefits including a reduced feeling of isolation, the sharing of resources, and the ability to help others.

Reduce Feelings of Isolation

When you live with chronic pain, it is common to feel as if no one understands what you go through on a daily basis. Rather than trying to make them understand, you simply stick to yourself. If you are invited out, you might make excuses to stay at home or not participate in certain events that can cause your pain to flare up.  At a pain support group, you will be surrounded by people who have similar ailments and experiences. When you hear them speak about their pain, you may begin to feel less alone and find comfort in knowing others feel the same way you do.

Depression is a known side effect of living with chronic pain. By speaking with others and sharing your experience, you lift that massive weight off your shoulders and positively alter your outlook on life with chronic pain.

Share Resources

When you get together with other individuals suffering from chronic pain, the opportunity to share resources presents itself. There may be certain tools, gadgets, footwear, or even smartphone applications that can assist in your pain relief efforts. You may also be made aware of some activities that you are safe to partake in when living with chronic pain.

Help Others

Simply having someone who understands can make a big difference. When you join a pain support group, you are welcomed into a close circle of people who trust one another. People who participate, trust that fellow members will safeguard shared information, help them cope, and possibly find solutions. You may join to help yourself, but end up having an unexpected effect on another member that changes their life for the better.

Pain support groups allow people to come together and share their thoughts and experiences in a comfortable and safe setting. This experience can make you hopeful for the future and so can we. Allow the pain experts at Pain Specialty Group to assist you on your road to recovery. We provide thorough therapeutic and diagnostic plans designed to target your specific condition and address your symptoms.

We, Pain Specialty Group, believe we can help you be a part support group. 

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Aidan Fisher, Maureen Cassidy Pain Specialty Group

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