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Three Things a Chronic Pain Patient Wants You to Understand

Chronic pain is a condition like no other. When you break your leg, it is obvious that your leg is broken. Or, if you were severely burned, the pain that it caused is obvious. Chronic pain, however, is unique in that it is completely unidentifiable. You would probably never be able to identify a chronic pain patient by simply looking at them, which causes a lack of understanding of their ailment. However, it is important to consider these three things about patients who suffer from chronic pain.nothing else, understand these three things about chronic pain patients.

There’s a Difference Between Happy and Healthy

Chronic pain patients most likely have been dealing with their pain for a long period of time; not just weeks or months, but years. The unshakeable pain can cause people to be emotional, as chronic pain can have a huge negative impact on their mental health. Living with chronic pain can be irritating and can be demoralizing. Many people would choose to steer clear of the pain that chronic pain patients endure on the daily.

Although chronic pain patients feel unhealthy physically, solely emitting positive energy can be just enough to get them through the day. Instead of commenting that they look as if they are feeling better, something as small as being a reliable companion to them will help them in maintaining a positive outlook.

“Getting Out and Doing Things” is Not a Cure

From the outside looking in, chronic pain patients simply look as if they are depressed, since a lot of time is spent resting and avoiding physical activity. An uninformed friend or family member may suggest that ‘getting out and doing things’ will help and improve their mood. Although this is said with good intention, it is so important to take these people’s feelings into consideration.

Suggesting these patients engage in physical activities, reminds them of the activities they used to do or wish they could do. This can result in a greater likelihood of an emotional breakdown as well as them completely stop talking to you. Instead, sit down and converse with them about things other than their pain. Sometimes all they need is a good conversation.

Chronic Pain is Variable

The pain individuals with chronic pain can vary from their day-to-day lives. Some days are better than others. Good days result in a positive mood with increased mobility, and bad days result in an unbearable amount of pain. Simply getting out of bed is a difficult task. Taking this idea into consideration is important, because the varying pain can have a profound effect on their actions. For example, this may be the reason why they show up late to an event or have to cancel altogether. Chronic pain patients try to live normal lives, but at times even this can be seemingly impossible.

If you know of anyone suffering from the effects of chronic pain, give them some quality advice by suggesting Pain Specialty Group as a source of relief. Our experienced pain providers can analyze their specific ailments and pursue minimally invasive treatment options. Life without chronic pain is a possibility. Book an appointment with us here.

Aidan Fisher, Maureen Cassidy Pain Specialty Group

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