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Canes for Chronic Back Pain

Canes are tools used to assist people who experience balance issues. Although canes are most commonly used by the elderly, canes can be useful to all individuals who suffer from chronic back pain and aid in their  ability to stand upright without support. Typically, people are afraid that using canes can “make them look old.” However, this is not the case.

Although this idea is widely shared, if your imbalance results in a fall, you can face life-threatening consequences. Falling can further intensify back pain and could even subject you to a wheelchair. Consider how you can use a cane for your chronic back pain instead of taking the chance of falling and worsening your condition.

Types of Canes for Chronic Back Pain

Canes come in different forms and have a number of applications. A standard cane aids in balance and helps you stand upright, and is typically used by chronic back pain patients. A quad cane provides more support and stability for individuals that need it. However, if you use more than 20 percent of your weight on a cane, it is suggested that you consider a  walker and/or crutches.

Selecting the Right Cane

Selecting a cane best suited for you is important to tend to your individual needs. It’s important to pay close attention when selecting a cane as all are different with different specifications. For all canes, however, the top of the cane should come up to your hip bone on the side of your upper thigh, and your elbow should not bend more than 20 degrees when holding the cane.

How to Know if You Need a Cane

You should consider getting a can if, when walking, you use furniture or the walls to guide you. At home, it may seem like a cane is unnecessary, as there are many structures to grab onto. However, being outdoors, it’s difficult to use fixtures to help you walk. Simply using a cane in your everyday life can prevent the risk of falling.

Canes are extremely helpful when dealing with chronic back pain. If using a cane doesn’t seem to be enough for your individual pain issues, you should consider speaking with one of our expert providers here at Pain Specialty Group who can provide thorough therapeutic and diagnostic plans designed to target your specific condition. Contact Pain Specialty Group here to set an appointment with us.

Aidan Fisher, Maureen Cassidy Pain Specialty Group

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