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COVID-19 and Your Safety

Coronavirus COVID-19 Patient Safety from
Pain Specialty Group

Dear friends of Pain Specialty Group:

We hope that this letter finds you and your family in good health. We have all been through a lot over the last few months, and cannot wait to see you again!!

We are reaching out to ask you to bear with us, as we’ve implemented an extraordinarily extensive number of changes that will go into effect when we will open our doors on May 12th. (We have prepared a letter that details all of the added protocols; however, it is ridiculously long and boring! You can request to see it if you would like.) Long story short … Please know .. we’ve got you and all of us tediously covered!

We understand the level of anxiety and caution that many of you carry as a result of the novelty virus that invaded our lives so please rest assured, we have diligently researched global, national, local and all possible guidelines. We now feel to be one of the safest places in the world to come and hang out (one person at a time, of course!)

We have always valued your trust and loyalty and look forward to resuming the treatment and wellness practices that are such an integral part of overall health and immune strength as well returning to some normalcy that all of us so deeply desire.

To help clarify some of our new protocols, we will be individually contacting and guiding each of you prior to your appointment.

We will see you soon, as excited as ever and more prepared than ever.  If you need to schedule an appointment, please contact us here.

Most Sincerely,

Dr. Manuel G. Sanchez
Dr. Anh L. Ngo
Ashley Phipps, APRN
and the Team @ Pain Specialty Group
Pain Specialty Group Specializing In You

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