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Four Essential Items For People Who Suffer from Chronic Back Pain

Back pain, especially low back pain, affects millions of individuals worldwide. Simple everyday activities become difficult to perform for people with back pain. As discouraging and uncomfortable experiencing back pain is, it is important to not allow back pain to control your life or conquer your positive spirit. Applying ice may not be cutting it anymore, which is why Pain Specialty Group recommends four items that will allow you to live more comfortably and better manage your back pain.

Rollable Luggage and Work bags

Lifting heavy weights can intensify back pain and can cause you to further strain your back. Investing in rollable luggage and work bags are two convenient options to eliminate the excessive pressure on your back


A gripper is a tool used by individuals to stretch and reach towards inaccessible and out-of-reach items. Investing in a gripper can also eliminate the unnecessary strain when reaching for unattainable items.

Cane or Walker

A cane and a walker are devices that are used to assist people who experience balance issues. Rather than needing to hold onto walls, railings, or furniture when walking around, investing in a cane or a walker are simple fixes that eliminate the risk of falling.

Body Pillow

The throbbing pain felt in your back may seem like it’s impossible to get a good night’s rest. Investing in a body pillow can provide you with the support you need and allows your body weight to be evenly distributed.

These are only a number of items that can aid you in managing your back pain. But, living comfortably without back pain is possible, and our providers at Pain Specialty Group would be honored to help you. Schedule an appointment with us here, and allow our experienced pain experts to assess your chronic back pain.

Aidan Fisher, Maureen Cassidy Pain Specialty Group

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