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Happy Holidays 2021 from Pain Specialty Group

Happy Holidays 2021 from Pain Specialty Group

Our Dearest Patient,

As the holiday season is officially underway, we wanted to reach out and wish you well. We hope this holiday season is the best one you have yet. Here at Pain Specialty Group, we have a lot to be thankful for this year, from our hardworking team members to our cherished patients like you.

As we close the chapter on this year and embark on the next, it’s important to bring those healthy lifestyles and practices with us. We’re incredibly honored you chose Pain Specialty Group to be a part of your past year’s healthcare journey and we look forward to creating more sustainable and powerful plans of care, formulated with you in mind.

On behalf of our entire office, we wish you a joyous Holiday Season filled with health, love, and laughter.

Dr. Sanchez, Dr. Ngo, Dr. Robertson, Josh Duggan and the team at Pain Specialty Group
Pain Specialty Group Specializing In You

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