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Is Back Pain a Sign of Something More Serious?

If you’re reading this, you may be experiencing painful and consistent back pain that’s strong enough to be causing you to be worrisome and anxious. While a qualified pain professional can give you a proper diagnosis for the root cause of your back pain, there are different signs you can look out for to determine if  what you’re experiencing is something more serious. 


Feeling numbness in the back may be a sign of nerve damage or irritation within that area. Nerve damage in the back can be caused by an array of medical conditions including spinal stenosis (spinal narrowing) and even a herniated disc. If you’ve been attempting to live with the pain, or relieving it by taking over the counter medication with minimal results, it may be time to see one of our expert providers at Pain Specialty Group.


If your back pain is accompanied by a fever, you may be experiencing a serious infection. An infection that goes unnoticed can be extremely dangerous, especially because the infection can spread to your whole body. Fevers typically are associated along with aches and pains, and your aches and pains may be more focused on the spine. If your fever lasts longer than three days, your primary care physician (PCP) should be notified. Your PCP may be better equipped to address the situation, treat what’s going on, and prescribe any necessary medications. To treat your back pain, it’s recommended that you avoid physical activity when taking an antibiotic prescription.


Physical trauma ranges from being as simple as a fall or as serious as a bad car accident. If you’re older than 55, the effects of trauma can be intense enough to cause fractures, thus causing you back pain. A visit to a chronic pain doctor for x-rays can help determine if trauma you’ve experienced in the past is the cause of pain in your spine.

If your back pain comes with any of the mentioned symptoms or events, it’s best to lean towards safety and contact the team of pain professionals at Pain Specialty Group. Our providers can help determine if your back pain is a sign of something more serious, and if it is, can develop a personalized plan of care for you. Contact us here to schedule an appointment today!

Aidan Fisher, Maureen Cassidy Pain Specialty Group

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