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Mobile Apps That Can Help Manage Pain

Chronic pain can be a burden to those that it affects. With the intensity and persistence that chronic pain brings, can make it difficult for people to focus on everyday life, hobbies, and work life. And, feeling the need to manage your chronic pain can be just an added, unnecessary stressor. In the past, people with chronic pain relied on journals to document their chronic pain in journals, including when the pain occurred, where the pain was located, and what the pain felt like. While having a journal to track your pain, this method is not the most convenient or effective. Rather than carrying a journal with you, there are applications that you can download on your mobile device to help you and your chronic pain. App developers design software specifically to help individuals manage their aches and pains. However, it is important to note that these apps do not have the professional input of a healthcare expert. Although using an app to manage your discomfort is a great start, pairing this with seeing a pain provider is the most favorable option.

Pain Diary & Forum – Catch My Pain

Catch My Pain, an application available on both Apple and Android, is a pain management app that helps you record discomfort through visuals. To use this app, you simply tap on a human model where your pain is located, and this brings you to a series of questions and measurements that provide you with more details.You can also include intensity, duration and specifically describe what your pain feels like. If you pay just three dollars, the user can include more details like, for example, if the condition causes fatigue, stress or leads to other symptoms. Catch My Pain also connects you with other users, allowing you to chat to others in an active and supportive community.

My Pain Diary

My Pain Diary, an application available on both Apple and Android, is known to be one of the best apps to track your pain, at a cost of just five dollars. In this app, users can add notes to a calendar and rate their pain on a one to ten intensity scale. The app providers its users with possible causes of their pain as well as potential, short-term remedies. Users have full access to design personal calendars through color coding and creating categories. At the end of each month, the app designs a personalized PDF report with that month’s pain history. These PDFs can be brought to your doctor, to give them a better understanding of what your condition may be.

Chronic Pain Tracker Lite

Similar to the other two applications mentioned above, Chronic Pain Tracker Lite is a free app that allows users to pinpoint pain locations and can export PDF charts and graphs. This app is unique in that its specialized human body model allows people who suffer from migraines to identify localized symptoms.

Chronic pain is difficult to manage alone - this is where Pain Specialty Group steps in. Although these apps are incredibly useful, also  seeing a pain expert would be most beneficial. For a pain clinic in New Hampshire that can help you find a treatment for relief, contact Pain Specialty Group today.

Aidan Fisher, Maureen Cassidy Pain Specialty Group

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