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Monash Pain Treatment May Break New Grounds

With the daily improvement of technological and medical advances, there is an increasing number of impressive developments in many areas now more than ever. Diseases, illnesses, and ailments that were once thought to be untreatable are now becoming more manageable. Recently, the top one hundred universities in the world located in Australia, has taken a closer step to helping those suffering from chronic and acute pain.

Where is Monash University?

Monash University is a top-leading public university founded in 1958 in Victoria, Australia, that specializes in ground-breaking research that is helping change lives. With a brand new drug delivery strategy they have come up with, they continue to make significant achievements in research. 

What is This Newly Released Drug Delivery Strategy?

Monash University designed a modern revolutionary drug delivery strategy, which essentially blocks pain found within nerve cells. The findings from this research show immediate and also long-lasting results, providing much-needed relief for the people across the world that suffer from daily chronic pain. Although chronic and acute pain has been growing in likelihood, there is evidence that this pain is poorly treated. Hopefully, this new discovery will change that.

Scientists from Monash University developed a set of drugs that target NK-1 receptors within nerve cells, which is different from current treatment methods that target NK-1 receptors on the cell’s surface. Blocking the receptors stops pain much more efficiently than past treatment methods, which was successfully proven in animal studies. This innovative drug treatment process could forever change the way individuals manage their chronic and acute pain.

Everyday medical discoveries and developments like this drug delivery method from Monash University will continue to surface, helping those who need it most. Chronic pain does not have to be a lifelong condition, and our experienced providers at Pain Specialty Group are confident in assisting you in your pain relief efforts. Contact us today to set an appointment with us and let us guide you toward pain relief.

Aidan Fisher, Maureen Cassidy Pain Specialty Group

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