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Pain Research to Keep an Eye On

Even with all the research breakthroughs to date, there are still many more to go. Research is still trying to answer many questions relating to pain. Some of these include, how can it be treated, when does it start and why does it start. This is why it is important to keep up to date with the latest study and information being put out regarding these topics on pain. 

How Massage Can Help With Pain

As many know when one has tight muscles, they often turn to massages as a solution. However, a recent study put out by the Beaumont Health System in Royal Oak, Michigan, found that their stress and pain levels decreased after undergoing a clinical massage. The massage therapist who performed these massages has treated many patients in the hand, neck, and scalp areas based on varying levels of pain. The study put out that more than 80% of her patients experienced a positive result. These kinds of studies are what help open up other options of treatment and further studies down the road. 

Yoga and Back Pain

The University of Maryland School of Medicine performed 12 studies comparing yoga classes to the effectiveness of relieving back pain. Even though there was a large sample number of 1,000 participants, Susan Wieland, who ran the study, was unable to find a significant correlation between yoga and pain relief. The records, which were recorded by the participants, showed a below average data set in pain improvements compared to similar methods, like physical therapy. Even though right now yoga is not ruled as an effective way to treat pain, there might need to be more discretion when it comes to the recommendation of it. 

Nerve Ablation for Back Pain Treatment

Nerve ablation is the medical practice for the burning of the nerve. In this treatment, the nerve is burned in order to prevent pain signals from reaching the brain. A study performed in New York at the Hospital for Special Surgery showed that the burning of the basivertebral nerve can help relieve chronic pain associated with degenerative disc disease. This disease causes severe chronic pain for most patients suffering from it. While there is still more studies that need to be done before the practice is introduced through all hospitals, the majority of patients who have received the treatment have experienced more relief than those who did not. 

The majority of current pain research still needs to undergo rigorous testing before conclusions are broadly implemented. There are treatments today that can address your chronic pain. For a comprehensive pain management clinic in New Hampshire, contact us at the Pain Specialty Group here for an appointment.

Aidan Fisher, Maureen Cassidy Pain Specialty Group

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