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What is Workers’ Compensation?

What is it?

Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance that provides medical assistance for injuries and illnesses caused while working. New Hampshire employers provide workers’ compensation insurance. Once the claim is filed and is approved, the workers’ compensation assists with all essential medical services.

How can Pain Specialty Group help?

Here at Pain Specialty Group, not only do we provide successful pain management, but our team will take care of your workers’ compensation needs by:

In most cases, your own physician can be chosen. But, our highly trained team is dedicated to providing patients like you with the best possible results and will be happy to give you a second opinion if necessary.

What types of injuries does workers’ compensation cover?

Workers’ compensation insurance will cover any injury or illness caused while working on the job. Our experienced team at Pain Specialty Group treats pain caused by injuries which include:

With our wide variety of treatment options we offer at Pain Specialty Group, a customized plan of care will be created no matter what work-related health problem you suffer.

How can a workers’ compensation claim be filed?

After receiving medical care, an accident report should be filled out and your employer should be notified as soon as possible. It is important to immediately report your injury as the process of filing your claim and waiting for the approval will be much smoother.

A workplace injury as well as a workers’ compensation claim can be reported for up to two years after the accident. The documentation connecting your injury to your job is needed, so we recommend sharing the details about your accident with your physician as soon as possible.

Whatever injury that may occur, the team at Pain Specialty Group is committed to providing you the best care possible and will strive for your return to health and happiness.

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