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Your Hand Hurts? A Comprehensive Review of Injection Techniques for Common Chronic Pain of the Hand

As one of the co-authors, Dr. Anh Ngo and our research group out of leading U.S. academic institutions recently compiled and published in Pain and Therapy journal a comprehensive review of literature on common chronic pain conditions of the hand. In the article, we presented common conditions with their biological background, diagnosis, and common management options.  Our group then presented and compared the latest literature available for injection techniques to treat these diagnoses and compared the available evidence.

Review Methods

Our comprehensive literature review was performed in MEDLINE, PubMed, and Cochrane databases from 1996 to 2019 using the terms “hand pain”, “injection techniques”, “steroid injection”, “chronic pain”, “osteoarthritis”, “rheumatoid arthritis”, “carpal tunnel syndrome”, “De Quervain’s tenosynovitis”, “ganglion cyst”, “gout”, “Raynaud’s”, and “stenosing tenosynovitis”.

Our Results

From the review, our reserach group found the following:

Our Conclusions

We report that chronic hand pain is a prevalent and serious condition and can cause significant morbidity and disability and interferes with independence and activities of daily living. We recommend that conservative treatment remains the first line of treatment.  However, when first-line treatments fail, steroid injections can usually provide benefit. In some cases, HA or Botox may also be beneficial. US-guidance is increasing in hand injection and almost ubiquitously provides safer, more effective injections. Hand surgery remains the alternative for refractory pain.

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For a copy of the article, you can access it here

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