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Stem Cell Therapy

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Stem cell therapy is a safe, minimally invasive treatment for many types of chronic pain that aren’t responding to other therapies. Board-certified pain management specialists Anh L. Ngo, MD MBA, and Manuel G. Sanchez, MD, of Pain Specialty Group LLC in Newington, New Hampshire, have considerable expertise in using stem cell therapy to improve healing and generate new tissue in patients who have chronic musculoskeletal pain. If you want to find out how stem cell therapy could help your chronic pain condition, call Pain Specialty Group today or book an appointment online.

Stem Cell Therapy Q & A

What is stem cell therapy?

Stem cell therapy is one of a number of therapies classed as regenerative medicine because they use substances your body produces naturally to heal wounds and stimulate the growth of new tissues. Another popular form of regenerative medicine is platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy, which uses platelets harvested from your own blood to promote tissue growth.

Stem cell therapy is used in similar ways to PRP therapy, but instead of using platelets from your blood, it uses stem cells. These are a special type of cell in the body that has the ability to change into other specific types of cells, meaning they’re a potent method of encouraging new tissue growth where they’re needed.

An injection of stem cells into damaged tissues boosts your body’s natural healing mechanisms, so you create extra cells to replace the older tissues. Stem cells are especially effective because they can take the healing process a step further, beyond what your body could manage on its own.

For example, a damaged ligament could be causing chronic pain because your body couldn’t repair it any better. Injecting stem cells into the ligament triggers an extra round of tissue growth that could help to heal the ligament more effectively, thus reducing your pain.

What happens during a stem cell therapy session?

Stem cell therapy is an outpatient procedure, so it’s quick and minimally invasive. If you’re sensitive, have neuropathic pain, or a fear of needles, you can apply a layer of numbing cream before the injection, but most people don’t feel much discomfort during the procedure.

Your provider at Pain Specialty Group injects the stem cells into the target area, a delicate operation that needs expert skills to ensure the stem cells reach the exact place where they can do the most good. There’s very little risk of side effects or adverse reactions using stem cells because they’re natural and non-pharmaceutical.

After your injection, you can go home or back to work and carry on as normal.

What conditions can stem cell therapy treat?

The full potential of stem cell therapy is still unknown, and new applications for it are continually under review. Patients who have chronic pain report an improvement in their symptoms after stem cell therapy for conditions such as:

  • Joint damage
  • Arthritis
  • Muscle injuries
  • Ligament and tendon injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Shoulder, hip, or knee pain

If you have chronic pain and other treatment approaches aren’t helping, talk to the experts at Pain Specialty Group today. Call the office or use the online booking tool to make an appointment.